Latency, peak

Why PC potency does not resolve latency and peaks? before, Cubase 1, 2, 3 etc how did he do before at the time of the bulbs. THANKS

I’m not sure what you mean. I think either typing error or translation error.
If you are having problems with latency then you need to post the exact version of Cubase you use. Specifications and type of computer. If a pc have you optimised for audio?

Yes it is a translation problem with google!

Cubase 12 pro
i7 12700k
64 GB RAM memory
SSD & M2
Asus 3080
Asus z690 Motherboard
Behringer X32

I often have PEAK problems

What buffer size do you use? How. Any tracks, vst instruments insert effects are you using? Do you have asio protection (forgot the name) engaged?
Have you optimised the pc for audio and have you ran latencyMon (3rd party software) to see if there is something causing this?

Buffer 256… Yes I optimized everything, the latency comes from the plugins not from an external sound like a guitar. No I don’t have asio protection. THANKS