Latency problem after a while

I have a latency problem with Cubase Pro 10. Over time (after about 10 to 15 minutes), the latency increases as I play a VST instrument. If I then check the audio settings of my audio device (Steinberg CI 1), the latency is still the same as originally set (Input Latency: 6.792 ms, Output Latency: 10.458 ms, ASIO Guard Latency: 21.33 ms). Besides ASIO Guard, I also enabled Adjust for Record Latency and Constrain Delay Compensation.

This happens even if I only use the internal VST instruments from Cubase. Only when I call up the settings of the audio device, make any change in it and confirm with OK, the latency is back in order.

Does anyone have any idea why this could be and how to fix it?

Thank you in advance.


If you are on Windows, try to test your system by LatencyMon utility.

I have this exact same issue with Cubase 10 and a Steinberg UR-RT2.

I recently got the UR-RT2 and never had this issue before with an SPL Crimson.

I’ve been having this problem, or one like it, but in my case I think it’s midi clock drift-- playing my external keyboard there’s an ever-increasing latency, but clicking directly on the VST gets instant results. Resetting my interface – a UR-12 – resets it.

Traditionally if something like this happened I’d try changing the ‘Use System Timestamp’ in the MIDI settings but at the moment it makes no difference.

I confirm what molo is saying, that clicking directly on the VST keyboard does not have the “gradual latency” issue.

Seeing as we all have Steinberg interfaces, and how I did not have this problem three months prior with an SPL Crimson, seems pretty clear that it’s an issue with the Steinberg driver somewhere.

I also have a Steinberg Audio Interface (CI 1). So that means we have to wait for an update of the Yamaha driver? What is strange though is that this behavior does not occur in Cakewalk by Bandlab or in Reaper. Then this bug has obviously more to do with Cubase 10 and not with the driver. So I hope for an update soon.

I’ve reverted the driver to 1.10.1 and it seems to have fixed it, though I have not extensively tested it as I am not using Cubase much at the moment. (Also, I arbitrarily picked 1.10.1, I don’t know if any other versions also work.)

I’d only noticed it in Cubase, nothing else-- though someone on the UR- forum has had the same issue in Ableton.

Thank you for your answer. I’m working with version 1.10.4. Do you know where I can find version 1.10.1 (on the Steinberg Website I only can find version 1.7.3)?

Edit: Just found the old version 1.10.1 on my harddrive. Deinstalled version 1.10.4 and installed 1.10.1. Will experiment for a while now.

After a few hours of experimenting with the old driver version 1.10.1 unfortunately I have to say that nothing has changed. There is still the latency that gets worse over time.

If running Win 10 (1903) maybe this would help.

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Thanks for the hint but I still work with windows 7 pro. What surprises me, as mentioned before, is that this latency behavior only affects Cubase Pro 10.0.30 and does not occur in Cakewalk or Reaper. Maybe I should upgrade to Windows 10 soon.

I think I may be having the same problem, after some time, maybe 30 minutes, the latency gets bad, odd thing is, if I am at 64ms, it clearly isn’t that, then I change to 256 and the latency improves. The numbers I am seeing are not matching with what I am feeling through my keyboard running VST’s. I have the UR44 and run at 48k. Cubase 10.0.30. win 7 pro

I had this issue before with another DAW when I was running a focusrite interface, the manufacturer came out with an update and it fixed it. The latency issue does not occur in the other DAW’s I have on the system.

My latency problem only seems to affect the midi keyboard and not the audio recording, when I hit a key there is a delayed response that I would put at about 512 samples, so unplayable. I’m running it at 64 samples and it says 6 and 7 milliseconds in and out and 28ms for asio guard. Not sure whats happening, it’s fine then after some time he latency on the keyboard becomes unusable. Also, while the timeline is normally ok, again after some time, it starts to run slightly ahead of the midi notes and audio.

It’s funny because this is the exact same problem that I had with Studio One and a focusrite interface that was fixed by updating the audio driver. I’ve put the latest UR44 driver on so it could be that, if it doesn’t sort itself out, I’ll roll back the driver.

In my opinion, it can only be due to Cubase 10. Because with 9.5 this behavior did not occur (and also not in Reaper or Cakewalk).
Would be nice if someone from Steinberg could be comment on this.

Thank heavens… the March 2020 steinberg/yamaha driver update seems to fix this problem once and for all.

Yes, I put the new ur44 driver on and got latency problems but I upgraded to windows 10 and now everything is fine, even with the new ur44 driver. For me, it seems as though the new driver that came out with the UR44 (before the march 2020 one) wasn’t working well with windows 7 but upgrading to windows 10 solved the problem completely.