Latency Problem with VST connect & Performer

I’morking a lot with vst connect, the problems encountered on the pro 9 and 9.5 are the same, latency problem mentioned in my previous posts, and bug with the button REHRS by activating and disabling it to have an acceptable latency instead of 80-100ms and these problems are accentuated by switching to 64 bits mix level.
I expected a more elaborate version of the VST connect and vst connect performer :
The possibility to share our screens (like skype) to make mixes and trainings in MAO to distance
Solve the problem of latency

I have a W10pro in a recent PC 32Go ram ssd and a good internet connection

Thanks in advance

Anyway, congratulation for the hard work made by the Steinberg Team

rehearse mode introduces latency, it is by design.VST Connect is not meant for jamming. Rehearse ist just a tool to have the studio coach the Performer, so sync is ok for the Performer but not for Studio in that mode. See the manual.