latency problem with vsti routing

Have a issue with delaycompensation in N5. Here my signalpath:

MDrummer(VSTi-drumplugin) MidiOut -> Addictive Drums (VSTi-drumplugin too) MidiIn -> the 10 separate Instr. channel from VSTi AD-PlugIn (kick, snare, room, etc.) route to a grouptrack -> mainout … (in MDrummer I only use the really nice rhytm.-generator to control the AD-drum PlugIn).

The problem: Whenever insert a PlugIn in a AD instr. channel (e.g. comp. in kick or reverb in snare channel), the delaycompensation is incorrect.

Here 3 examples:

without any PlugIn
with a UAD PlugIn
EQ PlugIN with ca. 3000 latency

The click is a audiofile on a separate audiotrack. I think the issue come from VSTi Midiout route to VSTi MidiIn. Is this a known issue ?