latency problem

can someone advice me on how to deal with latency problem I’m having with my cubase 6 upgrade from cubase 5
i thought it was from my PC, but later on i change to new PC and the problem is still there
I changed my system buffer size high and low, still the problem remain. Recenetly i bought Studiolive 24.4.2
and install the firestudio interface, im still having the problem, other programs are accurate, like studio one deosn’t have latency problem
pls can someone assist me here , thanks

my spec,
window xp 32 bit, core 17, studio one, sequel 2, 6 gig ram,rampage 111, motherboard x58,
studiolive 24.4.2 mixer, brainworx bx-xl, bx digital v2, , melodyne studio, izotope ozone 4, stutter edit, nectar,
i tb hdd, lexicornpro fws810, voxengo drumformer, voxformer,

The first question would have to be, have you selected the correct ASIO driver for your soundcard?

what is Cubases reported latency figures?