Latency problem ?

I had input latency of 7 ms och output 14 ms on my old Tascam 144, (why so big difference in and out ?) :question:
so I bought a new Roland Quad-capture UA-55 but to my big disapointment latency is the same. :cry:
Yes I uninstalled old drivers and installed Rolands newest drivers 152 several times.
Tried also to go down with samples from 256 to lower, 128 and 96, with very bad results
feels that Cubase Elements 8 doesn´t syncronize 100%, but I´m not sure. :confused:

In windows 7, Taskmanager says: CPU use max 20% and memory use max 50 % (4 GB)

Any ideas? :unamused:

My spec:
Cubase Elements 7/8. Windows 7. Intel icore 5 (2, 8 GB 4-core), 8 GB RAM, Geforce 460. SSD (Windows 7 and Cubase).
WD Black 2 TB, partioned.

7 ms is not bad, it actually is quite good for an external usb soundcard. The only card i know of that has better latencies with normal buffer settings is focusrite’s machinery. But such very low latencies come at a cost. (higher strain on your processor)
And yes internal cards naturally perform faster, but I would not bother about 7ms or 14 ms. That is hardly noticeable.

kind regards,

Ok thanks! :smiley:
That´s what I wanted to hear,
it´s no problem :slight_smile:

Indeed. To put things into context: 14 ms latency is like playing your instrument through an amplifier 4.75 meters (16 feet) away. Never met a musician having a problem with that.