Latency problems after going from cubase elements 13 to cubase artist 13

Dear all,
I recently went from Cubase Elements 13 to Cubase Artist 13. In Elements, I had no latency (or none that I could detect) with a buffer size of 128. However, in Artist, I have noticeable latency (annoyingly so) even with a buffer size of 34 (which is, ultimately undoable on my laptop). I use a focusrite Scarlett solo 3rd gen and all the drivers are up to date. I’m also not aware of differences in user settings between Elements and Artist. I’m loving the upgrade, but I would really like to be able to comfortably record with it as well. Help!!

Thanks in advance!

Elements and Artist share the same code, so, something has obviously been changed during the upgrade process.

Could you be more specific about the latency experienced ? IOW, Were you using direct monitoring ? Is it with some VSTis played ? Something else ?

There are no problems with VSTis, it’s only when I try to record vocals or guitar. I didn’t use direct monitoring.

Sorry, clicked send to soon: when recording vocals or guitar there is a distinct delay, that I didn’t use to have with Elements.

OK. So, it’s ONLY when recording audio : strange… Could you make a screenshot of your Studio > Studio Setup > Audio System panel and post it here ?

Everything seems to be normal, here… :thinking:

Have you tried to record an audio source with a completely new project (with its own folder) containing only an audio track and without any added plug-in, even a Steinberg one ?

I haven’t, I’ll try that this afternoon. How would that make a difference though? (If you don’t mind me asking :slight_smile: )

This, essentially to iron out any latency that could come from a plug-in. We have to go step by step with such an issue… :neutral_face:

Makes sense. I have tried recording the same projects in Elements this morning, though, including all the plug-ins and, again had no problems. Anyway, I shall see what happens this afternoon, and will get back to you again. Many thanks so far!

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Hi there, so I just sat down again with the guitar and artist: and you were right: problem gone with fresh project. So then I went back to one of the projects I tried earlier today, thinking to unload plugins one by one, and was lucky with the first one: I think it’s called imager, not sure, but it came with Artist. Clearly something I should load before I’m done recording. Feel a bit silly now for not thinking of trying this myself before posting the question. But: problem solved. Thank you very much for your help and time!