Hello . . . and THANK YOU ahead of time for your kindly stopping by and having a look at my problem.

I’ve never experienced this before, so I don’t know where to begin to fix it.

I stopped by Guitar Center because I was having a HUMMM problem with my computers (I’m using 3 different computers in my studio). A salesman there sold me LIVEWIRE POWER CONDITIONING DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM . . . AND I LOVE IT!! It did WONDERS for my humm and sound problems. I have all my computers, all my speakers, all my monitors, all my power supplies, my mixer . . . ALL plugged into this unit. BUT, I’ve just discovered today (my first time playing live into my recording setup after setting up this power unit), that when I play to the music coming from the computer, my ingoing instrument is a shade late in latency.

I have a “U” shaped setup in my lil’ studio . . . a Mac with a Sierra to my left, an old XP computer from which I am using Cubase SX for my present project at center . . . because I can’t get Cubase 8 (on my Windows 10 computer to my right) to work. Ever since I loaded Cubase Pro 8, it just has terrible sound. I have a Realtek soundcard that seems to be having issues with Cubse Pro 8).

Anyway, I wanted to mention what I am using in case it helps you give me some ideas. Before the new power change thang . . . I never had problems . . . when I played an instrument on my recording . . . it was right on with no apparent latency.

Please, how do I FIX THIS?