latency too big to play

Hello from France
I have an Alesis Edrums and a UR242 with cubase AI8 send with
I have a big gap-delay when I hit the pad and the sound received
Either with midi or USB cable
Same on an other computer XP cubase 4
How can I resolve ?

Make sure you’re using the Steinberg/Yamaha ASIO driver for the UR242 in Cubase.
Decrease its buffersize to the lowest value that doesn’t introduce glitches in your sound.

I’ve done it without results, changing cables, check everything…
and now I’m lost

Ok, something is wrong then.
How exactly are you connecting and using it all?

I assume if you plug headphones straight into the drumkit you hear no latency right?
Are you recording MIDI or Audio in Cubase?

If I plug headphones in the Alesis module it is no midi
If I plug my headphones in my UR242 I can hear my hit on the pad as if it was on a table or other, and 1/2 sec after the sound comes in the phones

Are you using MS Wavetable synth as sound generator? Don´t dio that

I use the UR242 ASIO
it shows latency 4 ms so I don’t understand

The question was not about the interface, but the device that generates the sounds from the MIDI data sent by the Alesis E-drums

Alesis drums or other Oxygen 88 Dr 880…
via midi or usb
in the UR242
in cubase
chanel 10 for drums
gm midi
out analogic
amp and JBL 4311

Svennilenni is probably on the right track.
You’re using MIDI from the drumkit to trigger drumsounds in Cubase. The question is what are you using in Cubase to generate the drumsounds. I suggest you try Groove Agent SE4, which comes with Cubase AI.

for instance I use the common midi drums generic to test the gear
With cubase 4 I have ezdrummer and addictive drums that I like the sounds