latency using internal mic - Cubasis with Ipad 4

I just purchased Cubasis to use on my Ipad 4 and was disappointed when I realized that there was a 40 ms or so latency when I tried to multitrack one microphone track over a drum track I had already recorded. I tried changing the latency settings in the project and there was no change, which makes me think that the latency is from the A to D conversion of the Ipad’s internal microphone - not Cubasis. Does anyone know the nominal latency I should expect from Cubasis on an Ipad 4??? Also - has anyone tried a Mackie DL806 with Cubasis on an Ipad 4? The Mackie is rated at only 1.5 ms latency - so I am hoping with this I could do multitracking with Cubasis.

NOTE: I can fix the problem by going in AFTER I record and moving my recording forward by 40 ms - but this would obviously become tiresome in the long run. Couldn’t Steinberg easily fix the latency problem by always inserting a given amount of time after a recording to get everything synced after an overdub?

Hi karmar,

You should not experience such latencies when using Cubasis with a decent audio interface.
Which audio device do you have in use?


Lars - Thanks for your response. The latency I described was happening without an interface. I was simply using the internal microphone of the ipad. If I purchase the Mackie interface which is supposed to be 1ms of latency, how much additional latency does the Cubasis add for recording 1 track (with no effects on the input)?

Also - what do you think of implementing my idea for zero latency by introducing a feature whereby the user could have Cubasis automatically move any newly recorded track ahead in time by some set quantity of time that the user could set in options? So the user would measure the latency of their interface (say it was 40 ms as in the ipad internal microphone) - set the “latency zeroing option” to 40 ms - and then after recording a track, Cubasis would simply move the recorded track up by 40 ms in the display.