latency using internal mic

I just purchased Cubasis and was trying to do multitracking using the internal mic on my ipad. I noticed that there is a latency of about 40-50 ms or so - way too much! How much of this latency is the A/D conversion of the ipad mic and how much is the Cubasis program? (I set the program to the lowest latency - then tried it with “medium” latency and could detect no difference - so I am hoping that almost all the latency is in the internal mic A-D) I am considering purchasing a Mackie DL806 to get my microphone signal in that claims to have a latency of 1.5 ms, but I am worried that the Cubasis program might add to this. Does anyone know how much latency Cubasis has on an Ipad 4??? Do I HAVE to have an Ipad pro to be able to do multitracking without noticeable latency??? THANKS!!!