Latency using the MR816 plugins

Maybe I’m missing something with my MR816.
When I’m recording a vocal track and use one of the MR816 plugins while recording, I ge noticable latency, but, if I use another plugin like the RoomWorks SE, I get hardly any latency…
I thought the point of the DSPs on the MR816 was to more the processing of the plugin to the MR816 and away from the PC, so why is there latency when I record a live track?
Also, when I watched the marketing video for the MR816, the engineer was setting the MR816 plugins (showing off the morph feature) for the chick in the vocal booth, which is why I assumed there should be no latency…What am I missing?
And a last note/question…If I check ‘direct monitoring’ I obviously get no latency, but its a dry signal. Is there a way to route the onboard plugins to that signal?
If it matters, I’m monitoring using headphones out of the MR816.

your plugins appear in the Hardware menu of your input channel not as plugins.


The internal plugins can only be assigned to one place at a time. You’ll have to go to Devices/Audio Hardware and be sure they’re set to the input bank you are using in order to use them on the inputs. It sounds like you have them set up for mixing instead. Once they are set to your inputs, pull down the little arrow in the mixer (on the input channels) and select Hardware. You can control them from there. I apologise if these commands are worded a little differently from the way they appear, I’m not at my music machine at the moment, and am reconstructing this only from memory.

If this is too obscure, I can assure you it never hurts to read the manual.

Thanks and you are absolutely correct…I should have read the manual…and I did and figured it out…
But in the process of tinkering before I saw the replies, I figured out I didn’t have my ASIO Buffer Size set right (too high)…I noticed that I can use the MR816 effects in External Mode applied to the mixer channel satisfactorily for demo recording.
But I’ll definitely use it the proper way when I record final tracks.

the point is when you use them as hardware on input channels regardless of your buffer sizes the FX have no latency, that’s the point of having hardware DSP built into the device.


Right, I get that, but I find it cumbersome to switch back and forth between using them in hardware, then switching it back to listen to my playback with effects.
But like i said, for demoing songs, just using it as external effects works great.
When I go to record final tracks is when I’ll use it ‘properly’

which is why we MR816 users need to get the VST versions the UR816 users get of the plugins.

The rev-x is a lot better sounding reverb than I’d expected. :smiley: so I could imagine if you didn’t have great native reverbs you’d happily use Rev-x in your projects and not just for monitoring.


+1 on releasing the VST plugins to MR816 users.

It really makes a lot of sense as it would allows those of us who need the IO to still make use of the plugins on mixdown.

What do you think, Steinberg?