Latency very high (input 2 ms / output 3 ms), 32 bit buffer, but lateny still too much to play with monitor!

I’m running Cubase LE AI Elements 10, with my guitar running through vst called Amplitube.

I have several other tracks that are also using many different vsts. My latency says its low in the Steinberg UR 22 mk II control panel (2.6 msec input / 3.5msec output.

My Windows 10 machine has 16 GB RAM, intel i7-8750H processor at 2.1Ghz.

My Windows 10 machine is also optimized for DAW use (high performance, etc.)

But when I try to play my guitar with the studio monitor in, it’s way too slow to be useful! I want to record a guitar solo overtop of the music playing… why is cubase telling me my latency is low when its really not?

How can I fix this?