Latency when caret is active

When the Caret is active there is a lot of latency when inputting notes.
When the Caret is deactivated (or off) there is no latency when playing notes.

This is since the new update.

That’s correct. When you play on your keyboard without inputting, Dorico is simply passing the MIDI notes right through to the audio engine. When you’re inputting notes, in order to take instrument transposition etc. into account we currently have to wait until the note has been input before we can echo it back. We plan to improve this in a future update.

Ok, I haven’t notice this in the first release and also didn’t see this in the Youtube video with 10.0.20 explanation.

Good, hopefully this will be improved in the not distant future as it is now having considerable negative impact on my workflow. Having now worked consistently with Dorico since its launch, I can now note input, after hours practice over the last few weeks as with any “new instrument” via my midi keyboard at considerable speed. Dorico, at the present time simply cannot keep up with me, so the whole process is considerably slowed down. Using the program for commercial work, where time is money, and speed (and of course accuracy) is key, in particular in the film & tv world where the deadlines are always tight, this is very important if I am to move across to Dorico (which is the plan as the product develops over the next year or so) and my “preferred engraving work tool” over Sibelius (currently my primary tool) with Finale used as necessary. At the current time, I guess it is having about a 60% negative impact on my workflow speed across a day. With every confidence in this development team, hopefully it is not to far down the list - by the way, love the program in general.