Latency when entering notes...

Hello all, Even with the new update I’m getting 2-3 seconds of latency when entering notes. I’m on a 2009 Mac Pro with 32 gigs of ram, and a score for TTBB, flute, oboe, violin, viola, cello, and piano. Is there any optimization within the software I can do to lower the delay, or is my computer just long in the tooth? Regardless, this latency is killing my creativity. Loving a Dorico so far, and excited about its future!

Try reducing the buffer size in the “Device Control Panel” in “Device Setup” at the bottom of the Edit pulldown. Reducing it too much will interfere with the sound playback but keeping it as small as possible will reduce latency.

Also, the particular virtual instrument you are using can make a significant difference. If you are using something else, try using the included Halion Sonic SE/Halion Symphonic Orchestra (HSO).

See Daniel’s post on this: Latency when caret is active - Dorico - Steinberg Forums

If there is low latency when you click on a note but high latency when inputting via midi then this explains why.