Latency when monitoring, also solo problems

Hi All, I just updated the driver for my UR44; not that I had any issues, but thought ‘why not’. Well, of course a new driver doesn’t know all the connections, so I had to go over that. Next there was a latency when I played my keyboard and when I HEARD my keyboard; took care of that. Still a problem is when monitoring a vocalist. There is a very slight delay, not from a plug-in, just millisecond slap back that’s annoying. I tried changing the latency, but at lower than 96, there are so clicks and glitches heard, so I had to revert to a higher latency.

Has anyone had this same problem? Also, when I solo a track, I don’t hear anything; not the soloed track, not the other tracks, just silence, arrgghh!

Thank you for your help.

Hi and welcome,

If you are on Windows, I would recommend to check the system via LatencyMon and make some recommended optimisation.

The 2nd question should sit in own thread. More details would be helpful – what track types, routing, etc., please.