latency when recording /ipad's mic

With two tracks open, one is midi rhythm track,
trying to record on the second guitar through ipad’s mic.

Huge latency when recording, When monitoring, its heard with delay through headphones. Tried big buffer, small buffer, all hardware latency settings. Without fx.

Through audiobus same delay.

Ipad air 2 last ios 8

Hi Yonhorizon,

In general, latency is determined by many factors.

To give you one example, an average latency value of about 17 ms is more or less the standard for an iPad device.

While it is not impossible to make professional recordings using the built-in iPad mic, make use of monitoring might be limited and possibly do not provide desired results.

The purchase of a class compliant audio interface (capable of monitoring signals to be recorded free of latency hardware-wise) might be worth considering in that case, and will also help to improve the overall quality of recordings.

Hope that helps.