"latency" when transport is on

hello, i have some nice arppegiated sounds/chords assigned to my controller note pads, but whenever i want to record or rehearse (activating play and/or record) pads show some “latency” and sound doesn’t come instantly when pressing the pads, this is on Halio Sonic se3,

p.s. i have tried different buffer settings, disk vs ram, cache, preload,

Disable plugins with high plugin delay. And I mean diasable, not bypass.

hello, how would i do the disabling ? im sorry i was busy on other things,
still have the same issue
p.s. (it improves a little bit cancelling “VST processing while there is no audio” on the preferences menu)

i would have to try,device: plug-in manager ?

No, to disable a plugin rather than just bypass, alt-click it.

thank you very much, i’ll try it tomorrow

no luck, it could be a problem with Halion Sonic