Latency with the MR816X

I tried to help out a friend of mine setting up his MR81X6 soundcard. So with a buffer of 64 bytes, I notice that the output latency is as high as 10,136 ms. The input latency is 2.971. Is there anything I need to do to get the latency down? I’m not familiar with this soundcard, so I probably overlooked something very obvious …


Your recording latency is already really low. Not sure why your worried about output latency which is only concerned with playback? You can mess with ASIO guard if your using Cubase

Agree that your latency is already low, but if you want more then perhaps check the firewire cards buffer setting. The asymmetric latency your showing is symptomatic of the firewire card output buffer. It’s quite probably correct, but it is also adjustable, at least it is on my firewire card when I was using it.

From memory, as I no longer use firewire, the yamaha firewire asio driver had a utility where it was installed which you could run to change it.