Hi everyone.

We have installed Cubase on 15 Music computers (pretty high spec but with onboard sound cards) and are having issues with latency when running a USB keyboard through the pc.

There is a delay of about .25 seconds when hitting the key and hearing the sound.

Any idea’s on how to go about trouble shooting this problem please?

We have tried disabling all the plugins but the problem persists.

Thanks in advance for any help.


Hi and welcome,

You have to use ASIO Driver. With onboard audio device use ASIO4ALL.

Thanks for the advice Martin.

As a total Cubase novice, may I just clarify what you mean.

Are these drivers that need downloading or are they included with Cubase?

If included, how do I go about ‘using’ them?

Many thanks, and sorry for what must be the most ridiculously simple questions!


This 3rd party universal ASIO Driver. Download it from, please.

Hi Martin

Thanks for the link. I have downloaded and installed the driver. It pre loads the latency, and looks ok until you try and play the keyboard - You get no sound.

So the setup the teacher is using is line this:

PC, with headphones plugged in front audio jack along with a usb keyboard. Sounds and music from within Windows works fine.

So we open Cubase, select a new midi composition, then change the driver setting from ‘no driver’ to the Asio driver.

The driver and defaults load fine, but we now cant get any sound through the headphones.

If I change back to ‘no driver’ the headphones work straight away.

Any idea why this is please?


What USB MIDI Keyboard so you have? It seems you want to use it as an Audio Device (sound card).

In this case install its driver and select it as an Audio Device in the Devices > Device Setup > VST Audio System. Our use the ASIO4ALL driver and set your keyboard as an Audio Device here.

Hi Martin

I am afraid I don’t fully understand your reply.

You wrote ‘In this case install is driver’ - What is a ‘is’ driver?

and ‘set your keyboard as an Audio Device here’ Was the ‘here’ meant to contain a hyperlink with instructions?

Please let me know so I can try get this working correctly.

Many thanks


I’m sorry. I was thinking to install the driver of the USB MIDI Keyboard. The integrated Audio Device driver should be installed with it.

What MIDI keyboard is it?

“Audio Device here”, I meant "in the ASIO4ALL.

Still no luck.

Keyboard is Acorn Master key that says on website it does not need a driver.

I can’t believe this software is so difficult to get working correctly.

Should our next step be to try a new soundcard?

Does Steinberg have a tech support number so we can phone them?

Thanks for the advice.


I’m sorry, but the keyboard doesn’t have integrated Audio Device (sound card). So you have to use other Audio Device.

Thanks for the reply Martin

So does this mean the problem would be solved with a new dedicated sound card for the PC or do we need to use a different keyboard?

Thanks for helping me solve this.


The problem will be solved by a dedicated sound card.

Or if there is a sound card integrated on the motherboard, you can use this sound card. In this case use ASIO4ALL as a driver in Cubase. Then you have to setup your sound card in the ASIO4ALL as an output device.

Still no luck Martin.

I have also tried a USB head phone and the same lag, or no sound at all.

Please check my screen shots to see if the settings are correct.

Many thanks

This settings seems to be OK. What about VST Connections > Outputs?

Did you add some audio event from Media Bay to taje project and play it in a loop? Could you see a meters?

Hi Martin.

Still no luck - Here are some more setting screen shots. Also cubase comes up with errors on the self test feature I found.

Is there a UK support telephone number at all?

We really need to get this working ASAP.

Many thanks

And the error shot


This is MIDI Track, not Instrument Track. This track doesn’t make sound.

Please, disable System Link. You don’t need this. This is used when you want to sync two computers with Cubase.