For some reason every time I load an empty template in Nuendo 12, the lag (sorry not lad, typo) is all messed up. I have checked the latency, but that’s not the issue. It’s so darn annoying, I have to use an older song as a template to avoid this…any help?

Well, I have to say I read your post more than once and have no idea what you are trying to say. Maybe you need to describe more in detail what your problem is.


Hi, thanks for responding and sorry for my late response…
Ok, so whenever I load an empty template, the lag is bad. Sorry, just noticed my typo on the original post, I meant lag. It’s as though I have latency issues, but I checking the control panel everything is fine, buffer et al…If i load another project, everything is fine…
i have used an older project to create a new empty template now, but wonder why it’s acting like that…

Can you try to upload your template?
So that we can have a look into it…

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PodVoiceTemplate.npr (383.8 KB)

It could be problematic to put Ozone on the master out while recording.

Can you try it without Ozone?

Ok Let me try that

That did the trick…thanks a lot. I guess I will have to save the presets and load at a later point. Thank so much and GOD’s Speeeeeeeed!