latencymon saying wdf010000.sys causing issues

im getting lots of glitches/dropouts its only been happening badley the past few months and it seems its getting worse.
Ive ran latencymon and its showing wdf1000.sys-kernal mode driver framework runtime is causing spikes…i haven’t got a clue how to fix this… I tried the reg edit fix too turn of the cpu security exploit in windows defender and I thought it worked but its come back…

I now have to raise my latency on my uad Apollo from 128 to 516 on older projects which ran happily at 128,now if I load them its constant crackles/glitches…pops …ive tried changing too the Steinberg power scheme in Cubase 9.5 but that made things worse .
in latencymon it says my system should be able to handle audio with no drop outs and my cpu in taskmanager shows I have tons of power/ram left but it seems like its bottle necking somewere because it shows these spikes and that’s were im getting drop outs .

can anyone help heres my spec—

intel i7-5820k cpu@3.30ghz
32gb ram
windows 10 home version 1803
cubase 9.5.41

so far as i can see, with google…, this is a driver related system file, what it precisely does? i do not know, it is a driver framework, distributing driver load? is it framework that drivers need? in earlier days, i knew more about the depths of windows, but i want to work with the programs i like, not to program anymore.

it is a driver related problem, i think. perhaps someone can confirm this. check your drivers, did you install something new? also it can usb related. i have read some sites, this what i can distill from what i have read.

are you using FireWire interface ? is yes, its ok. because your firewire PCI card are old, and W10 didn’t support it.

have same issue with TC Konnekt 6, hopefully she die. recommend u switch to something new

I use FireWire on W10, no problem at all. It’s uses the standard Windows 10 driver.

Post a screencap of latencymon drivers tab and list your graphics card.

You are right, it depends on manufacture and FW technologi audio interface.
In my case it was DICE.

But, I can’t say spikes in latency moon affect on sound. Everything works fine, except sometimes my interface just disconnect, reboot pc help.
It’s the only one problem I get working with FW in w10