Lateral jump on change of mode

If something is selected and one changes from Write to Engrave or the reverse, the music jumps left to right by a couple of inches. (I also jump a little inside at the same time, every time it happens.) I thought that this had to do with panels being open, because it doesn’t do that it if all the panels are closed. But then I discovered that it also doesn’t jump if nothing is selected, no matter how many panels are open. What is causing this jumping and how can I prevent it?

In one of the many discussions about this phenomenon I believe it’s been mentioned that if one has an exact zoom level selected, e.g. zoom to page height, and one has different panels open in both Write and Engrave mode, Dorico will maintain the same viewed area in both modes, thereby causing a jump. If one changes the zoom level slightly so as not to fit exactly, this shouldn’t happen. For example, if I select zoom to page height on my laptop, this results in a zoom percentage of 114%. Changing modes will always cause a jump because the view area is different in those modes and Dorico is trying to compensate for the change in area to be displayed. If I change the zoom level to, say, 110%, the music remains completely still when changing modes.

It might be worth adding that Dorico [usually] saves mode, window states and zoom percentage when saving a document. Therefore, if you make a point of choosing a slightly different zoom percentage from an exact fit before saving a file, you should be able to avoid this rather annoying and disorienting jumping around the next time you open the file.

Thank you @Vaughan_Schlepp. I had read that and tried it, but it has no effect in my case.

And as I mentioned, if nothing is selected in the music, then the jump doesn’t happen no matter what zoom level is used and no matter how many panels are open.

I just verified this again, just to be sure. Panels are open, 206% zoom. Nothing is selected, no jump. Note selected, it jumps as described. Same at 100% same at 103%. I flinch every time.

The ‘solution’ above only works with the left panels open if nothing is selected. If a note is selected with the left panels open, the display jumps to the right and then back when switching from Write to Engrave mode, and to the left and then back when switching from Engrave to Write mode. If you close the left panels in both Write and Engrave mode, the display no longer jumps, even when a note is selected.

Thanks for confirming what I described above, @Vaughan_Schlepp

I don’t understand why the screen jumps like this when something is selected. Is it intended to be an alert of some kind? The program doesn’t seem to have an issue staying in place with the panels open when nothing is selected, so why should it have one when there is something selected?

In any case, most of the time I have something selected when I change modes, so this is occurring repeatedly and is totally unwelcome.

I agree that this shouldn’t happen at all but have you tried closing the left panels in both modes? When I do this, the jumping ceases, even with a note selected and with a ‘fit to’ zoom percentage.

Thanks, @Vaughan_Schlepp I hadn’t noticed that it is just the left panels that are causing the jumping when something is selected… That’s good to know. But unfortunately, I have to have them open at times and constantly closing the panels and being aware not to have something selected is as counterproductive as the jumping.

Correcting this would be at the top of my wish list.

When you change mode, Dorico has to reposition the layout within the window. If the viewport (the area where the music appears) changes geometry, for example because the left-hand panel is open in one mode but not the other, or if the panels in the two modes are of different widths, then Dorico has to compensate for this change of geometry.

In an ideal world it would do this without you seeing any visible change in position, but for boring technical reasons this is unfortunately very difficult to achieve. However, what you should find – certainly what I find – is that despite the fact that there is a momentary change of position, the selected item ends up in precisely the same position once the mode change is complete. Try it for yourself: put the mouse pointer in the middle of a notehead, say, and then use the key commands to switch from Write mode to Engrave mode or vice versa. When the mode switch is complete, the selected item is in precisely the same position relative to your mouse pointer as it was before.

Thank you for explaining this, @dspreadbury.