Latest big W10 update - Cubase disabling sound for other applications

I got the latest big update to W10 the other day. This has resulted in an epic nightmare with my sound. Now, after running Cubase, the only way I have found to restore sound for all other applications is to reinstall my AI (Focusrite Solo) driver and reboot the system. Just rebooting is not enough. I need some advice on how to sort this out please.

Cubase Artist 8/Focusrite Solo AI/driver Focusrite (correct version for “T” seriel numbers)

The symptoms is simple - when a project is loaded in Cubase several clicks are heard (which did not occur prior to this W10 update) and from that point no sound is available from any other applications either whilst Cubase is still running or after it is shut down.

I tried to tick the box on Cubase device manager/audio VST section marked “Release driver when running in background” or some such as suggested on a few posts but this does not fix the problem. In fact that made things worse.

I tried deselecting “Allow applications to take exclusive control” in W10 sound section for the Focusrite but that made things worse still.

Examination of the Focusrite Solo in the W10 Sound section indicates it is the default driver and the sound mixer lists Scarlet Solo as the current active line out. But no sound.

Initially I tried using W10 troubleshooting. This recommended reinstalling the driver which I did. It appears that it installed a geneneric Windows driver. This worked. Although Cubase still disabled sound Troubleshooting was able to fix the situation immediately afterwards - it told me the problem was “Incorrect default sound driver - reset default driver - fixed”. And it was. However Troubleshooting is unable to fix the problem in the same way when the proper Fousrite driver is installed. It obviously doesn’t know what to do with that.

Cubase itself is now unreliable and occasionbally throws a tatrum. After one attempt at reconfiguring things it refused to play any audio itself and the position marker started flying across the project at about 4 or 5 times normal speed during playback. Something is obviously very wrong.

My conclusion is that Cubase in confusing this new version of W10 when it grabs the Focusrite AI (or perhaps more accurately W10 is confusing itself) so that one half of W10 thinks the Focusrite is still the default audio device and the other half thinks either something esle is or nothing is after Cubase has grabbed the Focusrite on project load.

So now the only way I can restore sound on my system (for anything other than Cubase) is to reinstall the Focusrite Driver and reboot the system.

I hope somebody can help me with this.