Latest crash dumps not found

Has anyone seen this happen on your Windows 7 machine? I went to look for some recent crashes and there hasn’t been a dump made for several days. There were 98 dump files beginning at Cubase Pro 7.x.x through 8.0.3, but the latest 4-5 were not there. I did update CCleaner a few days ago. I wonder if it’s somehow finding them?? Doesn’t seem to find much else anymore…i’ll roll back CCleaner.

My latest crash happened in a weird way- I loaded Alloy 2 into an insert and POOF, Cubase dissappeared and I was instantly on the desktop. Of course, it ran for 5 minutes in Task Manager, and of course I couldn’t end it. After a full reboot, changing the driver back to Quad Capture from the generic ASIO driver that it changes it to on crash, I tried again, and the plug loaded right up. Hmmm. Maybe the Quad Capture driver has an issue after a few hours of work?