Latest CUBASE 12.0.70 Steinbery plugins no gui

Since the last update a few days ago, all Cubase plugins now only show the Generic Editor. There is also no longer the option (right click) to switch to either. It has been removed. I have re-installed Cubase with no effect.
I experienced this issue at the begining of Cubase 12 when upgrading from 11, but after a re-install it was ok. Now it’s the same but even a re-install does not solve this issue.
I can’t work with the generic editor, I need the GUI.
Please advise…
Thanks in advance.

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If you are on WIndows, try to reinstall Cubase as administrator, please.

Could you try in the Cubase Safe Start Mode [Disable preferences], please?

I re-installed as administrator and it worked!!!
thank you very much!