Latest Cubase 7 update after save resetting midi volume


I have just updated cubase 7 to the latest update but have run into a problem. When I save a project and then play it from the beginning the midi volumes for external midi modules is reset. All VST instruments are fine.

What is strange is sometimes its doing it then it’s not so you could be working away, save then end up deaf when you play it… Lol :slight_smile:

I have looking around midi settings and nothing appears to of changed.

Everything was fine before the update and never had the issue before. Can anyone help at all please?

Many thanks


I Have an update if this helps. We have a main setup file that contains basically our start out template for our songs. This contains the error stated above.

If we use that template then save it as another song it no longer has these errors in the new song.

Can anyone think what this could be please?

I know I can just save the new song and work from that as the template but Id rather like to know how this may of happened so I don’t do it again

Many thanks :slight_smile: