Latest Cubase 8.5 Pro fresh install crashes on startup (Padshop)

I’ve just installed Cubase 8.5 Pro on a fresh Windows 10 installation (after a complete “Reset PC” on the system partition from the previous “in-funny-state” Windows). The Cubase initial startup crashes after loading several of my VSTs and starting to read “Padshop.vst3”. It just crashes with that annoying “searching for problems” dialog.

It was working fine on the “in-funny-state” Windows, but that had to be Reset as it was in a funny state.

I tried (some is computer voodoo):

  • Re-installing Cubase.
  • Re-downloading the full installer and re-installating, both after the App Remove on Windows and also in re-install option on the Cubase Installer.
  • Installing without updates (8.5.0). Didn’t work. Same after manually applying patch (8.5.30).
  • I deleted %APPDATA%'s Cubase folder before starting/installing.
  • Disabling the Antivirus before starting Cubase.
  • Power off my M-Audio Code 49 MIDI keybard controller before starting Cubase.

All 64-bit of course. No pending updates to Windows 10 as mentioned. Audio interface is a Focusrite 2i4 II with a driver I’ve installed the previous day from their site.

I preinstalled all my plugins: My stuff from Native Access, stuff from Gobbler, AIR plugins, Slate SSD, copied archived library content from another drive to the System SSD drive.

What am I missing? What other information ought I supply?

Help is greatly appreciated.

Ok, I managed to get stuff working.

I uninstalled only Steinberg Padshop using the normal Remove App Windows feature. I then launched Cubase and it ran perfectly!

But because Padshop is dear to my heart, I started a manual Padshop installation setup I got from somewhere in Steinberg’s website. Running Cubase again, this new Padshop was read and configured properly without crashing Cubase. It even seems to load the instrument just fine. Success!

I only wonder if the separate Padshop installation respects my eLicenser’s Cubase license and it won’t do me weird issues.