Latest eLicenser blocked by Win10?

I’m on Win10 and the newest eLicenser download is blocked. Any workaround or explanation?

Hi, mr.roos

Blocked in which way ? Here, I just updated Cubase to 11.0.41 and the Download Assistant also updated my eLicenser version to (guess it’s the most recent one). No problem, so far, using Cubase with my usual Windows account.

Have you used an administrator one for the update ? I always do, for any installation/update tasks, as I’ve never really trusted the ‘Run as administrator’ option…

Wha? This is odd because I am unable to install it. Windows qualifies the partial download as ‘Unconfirmed’. Maybe it’s because I use a different browser, actually a different search engine, too, Duck Duck Go. I’ll try using Edge. It may be Windows way of punishing me… Thanks for the update, cubic13.

Well, what I said seems to be true, Windows blocked the download on the Duck Duck Go browser. All good going through the Edge browser.