Latest Mac drivers causing issue with CB and Mac OS 12.6

Since installing the latest Mac drivers for my UR22C im having issue, both with CB and the OS (not so much though).
Here’s a scenario. Ill be on the couch doing some editing on my MacBook Pro, just using the built in speakers. Ill then take it over to my desk and plug in my URC22. I go to Studio set up and try and select the UR22C. CB can see it but freezes up when I click ok. this goes on for a bit, lots of spinning wheel and I can finally get back to the project window, but any attempt to use CB is a waste of time. and i have no option but to force quit CB.
Ok, so then ill re launch CB, get the window that tells me CB had issues, and I can continue to open it. it will ask what audio driver I want to use, I select the correct one and then CB gets stuck on verify the Yamaha AADM extension (I think that’s what its called). it takes ages and then CB just doesn’t work.
If I reboot the Mac with the interface connected all is good.
I find it strange that the OS is ok with me plugging and unplugging the Interface, but I have to re boot the Mac if I happen to use CB without it first.
I didn’t have this issue before the new driver was installed, although I had other issues.

This really is a joke. im finding my UR22C will not work at all if its plugged in while the MacBook is on. Its powered up., the OS can see it, CB can see it but freezes up.
I have to reboot my MBP every time I plug the interface in.
This NEVER happened before the last FW update. Its been rock solid as far as using it as my main OS audio device.
Tried the same thing with my old Scarlet interface and no issue any all with that. can plug it in, un plug it all day and CB and theMac are fine with it.