Latest OS Cubase 6 with 01x in manual?

I do think the update to Cubase 6 is going to be fantastic and a big thank you to SB for bringing the audio editing features up to date. I am really looking forward to installing the upgrade.

I have just been reading the manual on Cubase 6 and see that the midi controller reference guide section refers to being able to use and accomodate the Yamaha 01x. Now do not want to come across as being funny here but how exactly has this been tested then because…

The 01x does not have any drivers for W7 or OS X SL and Cubase 6 only supports latest OS W7, OS X SL?

I am therefore very interested to know how you get the 01x to work with latest OS and could you pass this info onto mlan Users? Apparently, there is no mlan driver development at all inside Yamaha and SB official line is that Cubase 6 only supports latest OS, so would have thought there should not be any mention anymore of 01x in your manual as this contridicts what Yamaha states?

Is there a driver that works - or a unofficial reliable workaround to make the 01x work with W7 x64?

Music John,

Interesting. I’m tempted to say “bloody nerve” at Steinberg/Yamaha to include this bit of misinformation in their manual.

The 01X is not compatible with any of the new OSs out there: OSX SL or Vista. The 01X uses Mlan version 1 technology which means it can’t even be used in conjunction with the new Mlan technology that is in the N8 and N12. In fact once you update a N8/N12 with the latest drivers, it will not even communicate or integrate with a multiple node based 01X network as the Mlan version in the N8/N12 is single node only…

As for studio manager, required to manage the 01X from the computer, it crashes on startup on anything past OSX 10.5.x. Not sure if it runs on Vista…

The 01X and Mlan were one of the greatest concepts/inventions in our industry. Unfortunatly Yamaha blotched the follow-up and failed to deliver reliable drivers. This is because they did not abide by Apple standards and recommendations and chose their own route with their own FW audio drivers that they subsequently did not update to keep up with the evolution of the OSs and the hardware on either platform.

I once received (under NDA at the time) a prototype FW Apple designed driver directly from Apple that worked flawlessly and was in advance of Yamaha’s own driver that was only released weeks later as Apple tried to demonstrate to the Mlan community (of which I was a rather vocal member…) that they could make it work if asked to do so by Yamaha. Apple was willing, waiting and expecting and Yamaha failed to follow up and failed its Mlan user community and client base miserably. If Yamaha had agreed to talk to Apple, Mlan would not be where it is today: In the dustbin of remarkable concepts that failed because the company mismanaged and misbehaved…

Now Steinberg dare to list the 01X as a working FW audio interface for a software that requires OSX 10.6!!! :blush:

So Steinberg, what is it exactly that works with the 01X in C6?

Hi Chris - long time no see!

Well, I’m running 10.6.6 with Cubase 5 and it’s running fine with my 01x and 3 i88x’s on my 2006 white iMac. I am running in 32 bit mode - but obviously 64 bit mode won’t work. SM2 comes up fine for me as well - but it’s possible I had to remove a plist file or something to get it working, as I do recall it crashing at one point.

Given that, I wouldn’t be surprised if my 01x works in Cubase 6 (32 bit mode) as a remote. The midi ports show up fine, as they’re provided via CoreAUdio/CoreMidi, and that’s all the DAW software really looks at. It also still works fine as a remote for Ableton Live and Logic Studio 9.

All that said, I’m pretty ticked that Yamaha dumped mLan too. I’d be slightly less ticked if I could find other hardware that provided all the same features, but it just doesn’t seem to exist! The nearest thing that I can find is RME UFX and a Euphonix MC Artist, but even then, the combination hasn’t been tested anywhere that I can find on the web. By “combination” I’m referring to using mackie control to control the UFX’s parameters (which would also require a PC to be connnected). Also, you can’t really run multiple UFX’s with the same level of integration and patch them in a “virtual” way.

Sigh. What’s really funny is if you look at the website, it reads:
“January 2011
Update Information:
mLAN tools V1.2.0 For Mac OSX
November 2008”


I was also surprised to find the 01X listed on the remote control devices list.

I had to sell my 01x and i88x, and I was really sad for that. I spent a lot of money on them and I had to sell them at very low price because they are not compatible with current operating systems.

I swear not to buy any other Yamaha machine that depends on a computer to run. I don’t trust Steinberg interfaces either, because they are owned by Yamaha.

I’m pretty happy with my “old” and up to date RME fireface 800, working perfectly on Windows 7 64 bits. My next interface will undoubtedly be from RME, probably an UFX.


Its nice to hear from you. I hope all is well with you.

I am glad that you are able to keep the 01X running with 10.6.6. BUT:

  1. Can you confirm that your Imac is a Macintel?
  2. Is the 01X also your audio interface or just the DAW controller?


And you as well Chris!

I am glad that you are able to keep the 01X running with 10.6.6. BUT:

  1. Can you confirm that your Imac is a Macintel?

Yep - Core2Duo 2.16Ghz 24" iMac, in 32bit mode only though. I wish it were faster though.

  1. Is the 01X also your audio interface or just the DAW controller?

Yep, audio and Midi, and all 4 units working simultaneously with 32 inputs and 12 outputs - the i88x’s give me independent headphone mixes.

It might be the very last thing that I can’t get a 64-bit driver for though - so, I should be on the market to upgrade soon. The last time I taped the full band scenario I realized that I’d probably have a much easier time just going to a real studio, which happens to be only three blocks away. :slight_smile:


You Too!

BTW - off chance - you’re not originally from Montreal, are you?





Actually, I am Franco/British or Irish descent! But my daughter is studying at HEC Montreal!!!

I get there once or twice a year.

I’m going to try and setup the 01X and I88X on a Macintel MacMini I have lying around upgraded to 10.6.6 and see what I get out of it… My first attempts years ago along with a few other guys on the 01X forum were not conclusive…

If you remember how you got SM2 working, let me know because that was definitly not resolved back then…

Ah - it used to be home for me - I’m a tete-carre west-end expat :slight_smile:. I was just curious cuz a friend of mine’s ex has the same name as you, but was last spotted in Thailand…

HEC, on Decelles - cool! Get her to take you to TamTam and Foufounes Electriques! :wink:

I miss my 01x/i88x combo, too. I did contact Yamaha and was offered a special price “loyalty” reward for buying a new MR816/CC121 setup. That reduced the pain slightly. Not the same functionality as before, but at least I’ve got it working in W7x64. My 01x/i88x are boxed up again like big paperweights.

Having installed Cubase 6 this afternoon, here’s my update: the Yamaha 01x and mLan seems to run fine in Cubase 6,32 bit mode. I haven’t tested extensively, but audio in, out, control surface and Studio Manager 2 work fine.

Obviously, 64 bit won’t work, nor will running Snow Leopard in 64 bit mode, with the lack of a 64-bit mLan driver. Such a shame.


Aloha Dave,

There may be some hope on the horizon because
Yamaha just updated the drivers to 64 bit for the mac for a few products.

The n12/8 series is included so maybe the 01x drivers will soon follow.

Positive thoughts, Positive thoughts, Positive thoughts


I talked with a Yamaha techie a year or so ago and was told there were NO plans to EVER write a 64 bit driver for the 01x. I was wondering if there was possibly something in the firmware that prevented it.

:frowning: :cry:

The firmware would never prevent anything on the other side of the firewire bus from talking to it… it’s definitely a money thing - why would they do development work for a product that they no longer manufacture, retail or even support? It sucks - I always knew my rig would be outdated, but I really didn’t expect it to happen so quickly.

Now with the new Thunderbolt/LightPeak technology I’m wondering if I should just stay in 32 bit land for another year or two. The most interesting thing about this technology is that it’s an extension of the PCIe buss - so even external gear should be much more performant than USB or Firewire. Avid apparently already has something in the works. Now that they’ve opened up to Steinberg’s ASIO specs, I’m a lot more inclined to have a look at ProTools, especially given the way they support their hardware customers (buyback programs!).


Slight update for those interested in the status of mLan…

It STILL works on OS X Lion, but there’s a BIG gotcha - the unofficial “Factory Reset Tool” that has been kicking around doesn’t run. It’s a PowerPC based app, so there’s no way to run it on Lion. The idea of having to run bootcamp into XP just to reset the 01x is a no-go for me.

Given that I need to reset my 01x about every 3 months, I’m in deep doo doo, because I already upgrade my machines to Lion. Sigh - I’ve ordered a new RME interface and I’m setting up my mlan rig to be standalone, 44.1k only - I can still use it as a live rig I guess.

Hope this helps…



I have dedicated my other PC solely for 01x, because an old PC doesn’t cost anything and I love 01x. I’m running Windows XP 32-bit version for compatibility reasons. I just installed Cubase 6, but haven’t tested much yet. In any case, Audio out did start working well without any effort.

I have Lion and Windows 7 running in my MacBook Pro. And, thus, there is no point for me to omit the 01x just for the reason of getting an other Windows 7 running. No point at all to upgrade, because keeping 01x and mLAN is much more important for the purpose of making music!