Latest update (2.1.0) causes temporary "License Missing" screen on startup

After updating to version 2.1.0 whenver I add a new instance of Padshop I get the “License Missing” screen for a couple of seconds. I’ve never had this issue before and this was the first thing I noticed after updating Padshop to 2.1.0. I’ve tried the eLicenser maintenance and reinstalling Padshop and its content but this minor issue still persists.
Windows 10 Home 21H1
FL Studio 20.9.2

Same here. I wonder what Steinberg’s gonna say about it…

im having same problem since updating…ive asked steinberg for help but no reply…did you get it fixed?

This is normal for now as far as I know. Updating the Steinberg Activation Manager to 1.4.0 might make the message go away a little faster.

thanks for replying…i dont want the message to disappear i want to use zero gravity…its on my dongle i bought it and its been working ok up until this last update.

I’ve just gotten used to giving Padshop a second or two after I open it for the “License Missing” screen to go away. I can’t speak on the other problems you’re describing because I don’t have Cubase. I use Padshop in a different Daw and have just learned to live with this annoyance. Maybe you could open a ticket with Steinberg to help you fix these issues.

Does anybody know if this has been resolved in the new 2.2.0 update?

Not fixed!

Seems to have been fixed in the latest update! (2.2.0)

Indeed it seems so. The new media bay browser is helpful too. Nice one for the heads up.