Latest update from Steinberg

I miss the box on the main site of Steinberg where they would list all their latest updates to their software. Is there still such an overview anywhere? it seems to be gone from their site after the redesign and the announcement part of this forum doesn’t seem to be very up to date with listings either?


I missi it too!

+1 Me too…

I miss updates more often and troubleshooting …

+1 … I expected the Announcements from the Forums will do it, but no. For instance, WL 11 didn’t showed up there…

Me Too.

@glennloopez This is definitely something of an own goal on their part

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I suspect it may be masking the lack of updates as a lot of Steinberg staff may be working from home

Same !

missing the " news/updates" section in home page

Give us the news page back, please!!!