Latest update keep freezing !

I updated my installation to latest CP8 update (8.0.30) and now I keep getting either a project that does not show on screen, or I get the project (another) working fine, but in both cases, CP8 appears as ‘‘application not responding’’ - that is, I cannot close it, neither the project nor the program!

Has the (unofficial) compatibility with OSX 10.8.5 went away with this update ?

Had no issue with previous version (8.0.20)



Isn’t there any “hidden” message behind some window, which blocks it?

Do you have clear repro?

The damn thing is worst and worst… Song is playing but program is freezed ! No movement in faders nor even the cursor. And I can’t stop the project else than FORCE QUIT the program !


I see, you are on Mac.

Could you try to select one of the Workspaces from the Workspaces menu? Does it help?

I had this happen on windows for 10 minutes, could’nt do anything… when I realized that there was a open window hidden behind another

Here is what very quickly happen when I try to launch this project (see attached - very quick window) then nothing happens nor shows on any of the 2 monitors - except a beep metering on my external (physical) mixer. (like coming either from a virtual instrument or click track ??)…

Some other projects will play back correctly, but impossible to close or shut down Cubase without Force Quit again…


Update your NI Kontakt and all libraries, you are using in Kontakt. This is pretty clear, this crash is when Kontakt is loading.

I hope, this will solve your issue.

Hi Martin,

There were indeed 2 updates available in NI Service Center, which I did… But unfortunately this did not resolve the issue :frowning:

Unless this ‘‘Center’’ does not access all updates… On the other hand, my Kontakt installation (and purchase) is just a few months old, no major updates since then.

However, when you say the crash is pretty clearly happening when Kontakt is loading : are you seeing this from my screen capture above ? – Anything else I should look for ?

Thanks for your assistance.


This step did not help either.

By the way, I also tried to load the ‘‘Eight Good Reasons.cpr’’ project on Steinberg site, just in case all my own stuff would be corrupted, and here again: the nice kaleidoscopic freeze for minutes, no other way than Force-quit of course.

The same happens here, on Windows 8.1!
Here is a video of my behaviour. I tried to come back to 8.0.2 (in which i worked with 0 problems) but now it does the same freeze!

It’s what happens to you?


What I see on your YouTube clip is ‘‘the best’’ that may happen in my case (playback working, but GUI freezed…). In many projects, it simply won’t even launch the project and CP8 is barely opening the splash screen and as soon as I select a project to open, it disappear (I get a click on my Yamaha mixing board and nothing visual on screen). Can’t even shut CP8 normally (just by FORCE QUIT as I wrote above…)

I went through the typical ‘‘disable preferences’’ but it changes nothing. I even went the hard way and through Library / Preferences and renamed Cubase folder as ‘‘Old Cubase’’ - it didn’t solve anything except I will now need to redo all my settings for audio and midi interfaces and defining external MIDI modules… !!!.. I’m justfed up with Cubase for now to try anything else. (Guess the next step might be to uninstall everything and just redo from scratch and stop update to 8.0.20… But that won’t be in coming days, I don’t have time to waste on this now and will just work with working DAWs.

Please let me know if you encounter a solution (we still have some similarities - partly at least)


Hi Rob,

I’m not sure, if the NI Service Center takes care about updates of all libraries. Does it?

No, I can’t see it, but I can’t see the plug-ins, you used in the project.