Latest Windows update

So, previously I was always slow to just download windows updates…and I was happy…I let my guard down and methodically just installed one and of course now I’m having lots of little glitches. Anyone else experiencing the same?

Cubase 10.5

Which build is that? I’m on 19041 and it’s been fine on the two windows machines i run.

I see there’s an October update (19042), but not seen an auto-update for it here yet, is that what you have?

19042.610 here with no new problems.


19041.546 running fine here

all been fine with latest build 20H2 (19042.610) here for the past week

just been another cumiltaive update today 19042.630 no issues so far

I have this problem with 20H2 on my Laptop:

Worst thing is, you have to click beneath the buttons to click the buttons…no fun.
Maybe I check C11 first, before I return to Win 1909.