Latin Percussion the right way

In the final stages of testing my Tumbadoras “Quinto y Conga”
Not just another conga set, this one was sampled with the mindset of a percussionist so that the articulations are just right.
This is not your ordinary conga drums…
NO sampled LOOPS - Multi layered velocities and articulations…

QUINTO Y CONGA HALion 6 final.jpg

Looking very good…!

One question occurred to me - why you decided to place the amber ‘lights’ (for Off/On) beside the switch to the right, instead of (where I’d put them) above it…? Just feels/looks a little ‘not comfortable’… maybe there are constraints… maybe, its just me.! :slight_smile:


Yeah! The LED is part of the switch. can’t move it. I liked the vintage look of that switch tho.

Ah.! Ok, cool… :slight_smile:

Good luck with the library…!

I do have H5 here, but haven’t been able to upgrade yet - too many bills and other distractions taking my money… :frowning:

Just listened to the demo on your website, sounds nice :slight_smile: