Latter rain (Halion Symphonic Orchestra)

I really brief piece for my love rain… Only cubase 6.5 and halion symphonic orchestra for halion 4

Thanks for listening :slight_smile:


very nice…and very short !!..could be the intro to a nice piece but as is doesn’t really mean much…why didn’t you take it further? Kevin

I had started while it was raining … but then came the sun … :confused:
Ok, thanks Shadow. I want to know if I was able to create a realistic orchestral sound with only halion symphonic orchestra … Thanks in advance for any further comments!

well…sounds very orchestral to me…well done…Kevin

Sounds nice and expressive.

Would be interested to hear any futher developments with the HALion Orchestra software.

Thanks Shadow and Monsterjazzlicks!
Surely the market is full of dedicated virtual instruments orchestra … but for now I prefer the sound and manageability of halion symphonic orchestra within halion 4, with the use of vst expression and, even more, note expression to vary slightly the pitch of individual notes to create more realism.


i have been thinking up upgrading to HALion 4 for some time now. i like idea of staying with Cubase products because everything is sure to configure and marry up ok. Though i heard some Native orchestral samples recently and they were totally out of this world (but very expensive). (on You Tube). But i have to say, for the price of HALion 4 and the way you have used them in your composition, they sound excellent !!

yeah very nice should have continued,second movement ? sun

Yeah, it could really be longer of course. The strings don’t sound bad, the beginning notes sound very good in terns of expression. After that not too great, but far from bad. I’m not that keen on the oboe, but until very recently when 8dio released their oboe I’ve never heard an oboe sample I’ve liked from any company. Good going so far, but you should really be developing the themes. :stuck_out_tongue: I’d scrap the thunder/rain stuff too, rather have a visual picture of any kind than hearing the effects.

Your music paints a picture, and that’s magic! Very good orchestration and I like the sound of halion symphonic orchestra. I want to buy good orchestral VST and not sure to go for halion symphonic orchestra or Komplete. Pity it is so short because I want to hear more. Michael.

Thanks Firestamper, Jonathan5456 and Mfox,for yours comments! just a clarification: Halion Symphonic Orchestrahas two different versions for strings within the same family, but, in this example, I only used a version without overlapping the second, and without using the vst expression. I think the performance will be even better with this latest solution! Thank you again!



Very nice, I think it sounds great :slight_smile:

I think it sounds really good. Frankly, I’m surprised at the quality/realism of the Halion Orchestra. I bought the original whe it came, what was that? Ten years ago? Seems like it. Back then, the samples weren’t all that good – grainy – but the keyswitching and usability was awesome – much better than the East-West products of the time.