Launch Control XL MIDI Remote

The MR script that comes with C12 is pretty good. You also get user templates with the MK3 which you can create with Novation Components, to use the faders for your common composing CCs.

I have a M1 and everything seems to work as described in your manual.
But yeah, midi tracks are not recognised on the mixer page.
Very nice work. - Thanks

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Welcome both of you to the forum, and thank you both for the kind words.

Sorry about the Mixer page. Hopefully there will be fixes soon from Steinberg. In the mean time, consider using the built in HUI implementation. If you set the Factory Template to template 8 and the MR page to “Sends”, You will get HUI mixer with the top two rows as quick controls.

@oqion No problem, I just wish I had more time to tinker. I work full time as a systems developer and at the end of the day I just want to play guitar. I think and code all day, I just wanna relax and have fun when I log off work, so your mappings for the Novation was really appreciated. I had a play around and remapped some channels/groups to the mixer… Still learning this midi/control surface stuff so you did save me a lot of time and effort in getting started. :+1:

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@Rene_Middelhede I created an instrument track and routed midi instruments to it and then assigned the instrument track to the faders, could this work for you?

Yeah that works perfectly! - thanks.

Thank you for this. Just one question: when on mixer page and on initial “range” it is picking up Stereo Out as Channel 1 and then Track 1 as Channel 2, etc. eventually going “round” to the audio inputs and other outputs after it completes the Tracks. Is this as expected or maybe to do with my specific audio setup?


Yea, the mixer page has some nuances like that. I never did find a way around that, but I also noticed that it was the same for other’s code as well.

Hello there Oqion!

I am very appreciative of your work and I look forward to trying it out.
quick background: I use Bitwig studio and this launch control XL no problem at all. I just bought Cubase yesterday and I am trying to get this launch control set up.

  1. I have installed Novation Control, uploaded template and sent to template 8.
  • lights look correct on launch control
  1. I have imported the correct script in the midi remote controllers import script
  • graphics look correct on Cubase midi controller tab.

Problem, I have no idea how to use this. The launch control has different lights then what is showing in the graphics. So I switched to mapping page (from Cubase) and the graphic changed, but Launch control still looks like it did before like when you said “The Launch Control is now set up, and ready to go.”

So, I am not sure how to start this, where to go from here. There is no response when changing pages or tracks. Can I have a bit of help here?

HI @oqion,
you’ve really made a great job! Thank you so much for sharing!
I’m on a mac and I’m installing C12 just these days for the first time as I upgraded from an old macmini to a refurbished but much more powerful macbook m1 pro max and probably I’ll try to test your script on it (maybe I missed if someone els did it yet).
I think this is my last chance with launch control, that I originally bought for Live (that I don’t use anymore) and I’ve alway found difficult to program it, even with Component…
I’ll let you know


Hello everyone, would you tell me please where to download the mac version script for Novation Launch Control XL ? Thanks a lot