Launch shuts down at "Video file handling"

Just upgraded to C6, and can’t launch. It stops at the point “Video file handling” and simply closes the splash window. eLC passes with flags though.

Had the same prob sometimes with C5, and thought the upgrade would do it, but it’s possibly a matter with my DAW. Anyone?

Saw a post about this a while ago that might hold a solution, search for “videoengine.dll”


Is Quicktime installed?

Yes Quicktime is installed (I’m on PC and XP by the way). Was that a Mac issue?

Hmm this morning C5 starts fine, hangin’ on that version for a while and see. If both versions won’t open again, I’ll try the “remove videoengine.dll” stunt.

This just started happening for me with Cubase 5.5.3, after having used this version for several months without a problem. Same problem occurs with 5.5.0, but 5.1.1 is fine (I assume because there’s no videoengine.dll in that build), so I’ve now reverted to 5.1.1.

Just before this problem occurred, I had installed a UAD-2 card and in the process I had to move around my PCI/PCIe cards to make room for the UAD card. So my video card (nvidia GTS 250) changed to a different slot. I tried a few different vid card drivers (even a beta from 2009) and that was of no help. I also tried a different nvidia card (9600 GT, I believe), but that didn’t help either. I also tried disabling the UAD card (via Device Manager in windows). My Quicktime version is 7.6.9.

I’ll stick with 5.1.1 for now. Hopefully I don’t encounter any nasty bugs in 5.1.1, but it would be great to get a fix for this, since it seems like a common problem.

I finally sorted this out for myself. After spending a lot of time looking for residual drivers and new video codecs that might be causing trouble, as well as uninstalling and reinstalling various video card drivers (and trying different video cards too)I realized that I had some software still installed from my Blackmagic Intensity Pro video capture card. I had removed that card from my system to make room for my UAD card, and I guess Cubase or something else didn’t like that the Blackmagic software was still present in my system (but that the card was not). After doing a standard uninstall of all the Blackmagic software, Cubase booted up fine. So, I would suggest that anyone else that’s having similar problems look for any software that might be related to hardware that was recently removed from their system.

I should mention that, prior to removing the Blackmagic software, I also tried the Cubase 6.5 demo and still had the same crash.