Launching Sonic SE within Cubase 6

  1. How to launch the Sonic SE workstation from within Cubase?

  2. How to create a new midi track and not have Cubase automatically rig Sonic SE up to the track?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hello CubaseWilson,

Regarding to your questions:

  1. Go to Devices > VST Instruments > Select the first empty slot on the VST Instrument Rack > go to synth > There you will find Halion Sonic SE.
    You can also add it using an instrument track: Project > Add track > Instrument.
    The important part here, is that you remember that it is inside the “Synth” category.

  2. Do yo mean: How to create a new MIDI project?
    E.g. when you import a MIDI file?
    If that is the case, you have to change the preferences in Cubase.
    Go to: File > Preferences > MIDI > MIDI File > Import Options > and on the last box “Destination” change it to MIDI tracks or Instrument tracks instead of HALion Sonic SE multi-timbral.

Best regards,

GN, thanks so much for the clear and complete response and help.
Best, Mark