Launchkey 49 MKII supports Cubase Le 9 version

Hello Webmasters,

I am new in music production .

Kindly help me in detail that shall i buy Launchkey 49 MKII and does it supports Cubase Le 9 version ?

Also, please help me in referring few sites where i shall buy a reasonable vst plugins or get it free :wink: beat any country instruments it could be of.

Thanks in advance.

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Anhad Sound :smiley:

Hello Forum,

Can some one help me on my query, i would really appreciate help.


Perhaps this may help:

There are a few threads here on this Cubase forum as well. Search “launchkey”.

There are many free VST plugins available online. If you Google “free VST plugin” you will get 3,440,000 hits. Be careful, many of those contain malware and viruses! Scan them with Norton or other security software.

I am also looking at a possible new controller.

So this one uses the Mackie HUI template in Cubase. Will a controller that has it’s own dedicated template made by the midi controller vendors work better and have more integration or it doesn’t really matter? I am more interested in the DAW control options of being able to move around markers in Cubase. When I use Maschine Mikro with Mackie HUI , I can only rewind and fast forward but I wasn’t able to find the generic codes to program buttons to move backwards and forwards based on markers set in Cubase.