Launchkey 88 remote problem

Hi, does anyone in here use a launchkey 88 with cubase 12?
The reason i ask is i have the following issue and hope that someone else has experienced and can help.
So when using the pads in session mode you can select and arm your tracks and also solo and mute and the lights on the pads correspond to the track colours etc.
But eveytime i close cubase and relaunch when in session mode the pads still work but they are not lighting up and i have to mess around, disabling and enabling, or deleteing and adding the factory script again. This doesnt always work either seems a bit hit and miss.
I also have a custom script for the launchkeys custom modes.
Novation cant seem to help me with the problem so i cross my fingers someone can help here.
Who are the steinberg tech guys in this forum and how do i tag them in for help.
Thanks Dan.

I’m sorry to hear that you’re having this issue. It’s not clear what could be causing this but if you continue to discuss this with, Tom, from our Support Team, I’m sure we can help you find a solution.

John // Novation UK :uk:

Thats who ive been speaking to and he said to try steinberg cause he didnt know of a solution.