Launchkey MK3 integration in Cubase 12?

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I plan to buy a Novation launchkey 37 MK3 and I wonder if it’s a good choice as a master keyboard / midi controller for Cubase 12.
I know it is in the midi remote script list but could someone confirm me that the Novation launchkey MK3 series are fully supported ?

I can’t check into the device, but note that Focusrite is the author of those scripts.

I’m sure it works.

Of course, there are a gazillion functions in Cubase and Novation can only have mapped a fraction of them. So if you’re not happy with their choices, your can easily set up your own in Cubase 12 :+1:.

Thanks guys for your answers.

The Launchkey MK3 series have a full integration with Ableton live but I know that previous Cubase versions were not supported at all (transport, mute, solo…’ etc.simply didn’t work). Hope the main functions are now supported !

Novation says they have it:

And, as mentioned, there’s the midi-remote function in Cubase 12 to roll your own.

I use LaunchKey mini Mk3 with CBP12.

Previously I used it with CBP11 as a Mackie HUI with ports; MIDIN2 (2-Launchkey Mini MK3) and MIDIOUT2 (Launchkey Mini MK3).

It maps OK in CBP12 using the same ports as it used in CBP11, but FULL integration it has not.

The missing functionalities in CBP12 are:

  1. The “>” button above Stop, Solo, Mute does not function in CBP12, but it did in CBP11 using Mackie HUI.
  2. The track colours are not mapped to the track selection buttons on the device (as it does, I believe, in Ableton) . But they are mapped to the image of LaunchKey Mini in lower window view (maybe Steinberg will fix this?). Obviously they are not mapped in CBP11 either.
  3. Poor differentiation between the ON and OFF colours for Track Selection (bright WHITE and not-so bright WHITE) and MUTE (bright YELLOW and not-so bright YELLOW).
    Whereas in CBP11 using Mackie HUI, the ON and OFF brightnesses are MUCH MORE differentiated.
    That is, you can hardly distinguish the OFF and ON states in CBP12 compared to CBP11.
  4. Selection of banks is confusing in CBP12, so easy to lose track (pun intended) of where you are.

Overall not so good,
Apart from the functionality of the Start/Stop button, which IS better in CBP12, LaunchKey Mini MK3 as a Mackie HUI in CBP11 is more useable (particularly moving through Banks and ON OFF colours).

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Thanks a lot bloodline1 for your comment.

If the Cubase 12 midi remote script for the launchkey is not fully supported, I suppose you can create or modify easily your own with the new midi remote tool ?

Not sure too if others nanufacters (Arturia, Nektar, Akai… etc.) have a better midi integration with Cubase 12…

Hi Xion

You cannot do anything about the colour issues. There’s no option for that within the midi remote tool.

Also, I tried modifying the factory script to change the colour values for the ON and OFF states, and it would not save and reload.

Steinberg need to address the issues, I’m afraid.

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Great to see that you’re discussing Launchkey [Mk3]! You should find that it integrates very well when correctly set up - providing access to many features, including transport control. Features available are shown in the video provided in the Help Centre article linked above.
The latest firmware available from Components also enables full RGB support.

John // Novation UK :uk:

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Thank you, John, for your heads-up. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve now installed the latest LaunchKey Mini MK3 FIRMWARE off ‘Components’ via Microsoft Edge (It doesn’t work with my normal browser, Firefox).

And YES(!), the track selection buttons on LaunchKey Mini MK3 are now colour mapped to Cubase track colours! Fabulous!

The only disappointment for me is the lack of ‘Bank Selection’.

It would be more useful if the track selection buttons (shift+Arp and shift+Fixed Chord) moved the selection display in banks of 8. OR that “Shift+>” and “Shift+StopSoloMute” moved the track selection display in banks of 8.

Currently, Shift+>" and “Shift+StopSoloMute” does not function at all. Track selection (shift+Arp and shift+Fixed Chord), scrolls through both tracks and folder-header, which forces one to abandon the use of folders IF you want these buttons to only select tracks and not the folder-header!

Anyhow, it’s positive progress, but the script just needs some adjustment to enable bank selection instead of just track/folder selection.

Hi @bloodline1, the issue with the folder-header seems to be a bug. Will make a report on that. Thanks for sharing!