Launchpad mini assign with Cubase

Hi there and thanks for the respond to my previous issue with my Launchpad miini…

I need to assign the 8 top row numeric buttons of launchpad mini to trigger the 8 numeric buttons above the pads of Groove Agent 5,so i can be able to move between the 8 pages and load them with samples so i can use most of its potential in Drum hits in Cubase pro…I tried via generic remote but im not very experienced with that and definitely need yr help again on how to do it
Thank you in advance

You could use the Launch pad as “Quick Controls” i think , not sure but worth looking as that’s a click and turn method of assigning controls . It’s limited to 8 but will do what you ask , have a look in the manual for full instructions


THese buttons are not MIDI-controllable neither automation-controllable. These buttons are only switching octaves. Is it possible to program the buttons on the Launchpad mini so , it would switch the octaves on the hardware?

If not, then you could use Expression Map in Cubase. You would map them to the MIDI Notes sent from these upper Launchpad buttons and in the Map, you would set, how many semitones should the map transpose.

Hi FF thanks for yr reply,i tried it as a quick kontrol but there are no any options for theese 8 buttons of the Agent groove so i think i have a long way ahead of me…I managed to assign the pads of the launchpad to trigger the pads of Agent groove and im happy to have 64 drum hits ready to go,but why not 64x8??? right? Perhaps its not that difficult but im musician not it tech guru,and despite the fact that i got a reply on my issue here still is too hard for me to implement what they suggest cause i have no clue…so ill stick with my lucky 64!!!untill further improvementg?Lol

Perhaps is possible if i could find any relative software from Novation (which i havent so far) and resseting or doing things like theese…otherwise i dont see any other way to do it,Martin
for the time being ill keep looking for any Novation Software for midi mapping maybe? and ill enjoy my current 64 pads which i managed to trigger Thanks to yr help
Thank you again mate!!!