Lay summing plugins across ALL tracks (Waves NLS, VCC, etc)?

The instructions for Waves NLS said I can lay instances of the channel plugin across ALL tracks with a shortcut.

To create multiple plugin instances for selected tracks:
Select multiple channels
Hold Alt/Option + Shift and insert NLS on the first channel

It’s not working though, nothing happens at all. I even reset my Key Commands, tried the Cubase Classic Key Command layout, etc. Without this, I can still lay the plugin down individually, but I have some songs with a sh*tload of tracks and I dont really wanna go in one-by-one, navigating super deep thru my effect plugin library each time (Waves starts with “W”) >:(

Any ideas how to do this?


You can copy, Alt + drag insert plugins in the extended mixer view.

Not perfect for what you are asking but that is the only way I know of, to quickly place plugins to many tracks.


Did you select all the track (must be white) where you wanna load your plugin ?
Working fine here !

  1. select the track where you want load the plugin (white color)
  2. alt+shift on the first insert and clic on the plugin you want (alt+shift still pressed
  3. the plugin load in the first insert in all track selected

Got it 87…thanks for that.

I didnt know that I was supposed to click on the insert while holding down shift+alt. I guess I didnt know how it was supposed to work.

Thanks again!!

Not used NLS…but, I’ve tried that with Slate…as much as I like the product, absolute BS that you should “mix into it”**…and set it on everything…there are nasty side effects on some tracks, that while you don’t notice it if you just plaster it across everything, are quite evident if you solo and toggle the bypass.

Now…don’t take that wrong–Slate is the game changer that has gotten me to move to Cubase as audio platform…but, my experience has been it’s best selected on a per channel/bus basis. If you can’t hear what it’s doing, leave it off. That’s the thing–three things happen when you put slate on a channel–it sounds way better, it sounds worse, or it just kind sound different. While it may seem obvious, you only leave it where the first is the case. Every bit of DSP you do hurts fidelity. Do as little as you need to.

And go get his new VTM…and FXG…OK…I’m indeed a fanboy. There are very few plug ins that have added much useful, IMO. Transient Designer. Slate’s stuff. Waves API, CLA, Mastering, and JJP bundles. Aether&PCM Native (though hardware still owns it, so I didn’t buy). PhaseBug (freeware-should be built into a DAW, but isn’t). SoundToys bundle.

**this is Steven’s rec…why? Because if you slap it on everything…and it sounds like it does, you make all mix decisions based on that…so, of COURSE then bypassing it makes the mix “suck”–that doesn’t actually mean VCC is making the mix better-it means you mixed in the context of it’s color.

Also, make no mistake…they can call it what they want…they are non linear distortion modellers on the channels…and distortion and crosstalk modellers on the busses. There is no audio connection between the channel and buss plug ins. They use control groups…but, it’s not like the snare in control group one is “summed” but the mix bus plug in in control group 1.

…anyway, treat it as such…use your ears…and it’s a game changer. Digital has never sounded so good.

Cubase has this built-in already. You can shift audio using the Delay control found below the Pan control in each track’s Inspector. This values are in milliseconds, not samples though. But it should provide enough resolution (<1 sample) as long as you know how to convert samples to milliseconds. Simply divide the number of samples by the project’s sample rate (i.e. 256/44.1 = 5.8 ms). Multiply the sample rate by the number of milliseconds to get the sample value. Easy!

Check out StripBus:
This plugin creates a connection between the channels. Interchannel crosstalk, ducking etc. are available, you can dial them in to your liking.
Haven’t experimented that much with this one yet but it feels interesting. Though it’s another console emulation, feature set and usability follow a different approach compared to VCC.

popmann were u referring to Slate’s VCC? U kept calling it “Slate” but I figured u meant VCC. I do wanna try Slate…I mean VCC but I dont have an iLok2 to even demo it.

And Ive looked into Stripbus and Sonimus Satson too…probably gonna grab one or both of those later this week.

So putting a summing plugin on ALL channels doesnt give it a “greater than the sum of its parts” kinda effect? Thats how seem people tried to portray it in a different forum, or maybe that’s just how I interpreted what they were saying.

That being said, putting the buss channel instance up STILL affects channels that DONT have the channel instance correct LOL? I think I, and probably others, kinda fell for that “channel talks to the bus” mystique about summing plugins.

I use VCC. So yes, you do want to mix into them because of the effect they add, but if doing so, you do want the channel inserts as well as the buss insert on the master because they work together. And you want to use the grouping functions, but don’t forget you can have multiple groups.

VCC is quite subtle, but from what I’ve experienced it does add a nice gluing effect. If you don’t want so much color, you can adjust the drive and input levels accordingly.

I also just got VTM, and that in combination with VCC is quite amazing! While I don’t have experience with hardware gear to compare to, I will say after doing so much mixing digitally ITB for the past 5 years…it wasn’t until last year and this year I started using VCC and it has really helped me improved my sound without trying so hard with individual EQ’ing and tube and saturation use…and while being done so subtley…or at least I try to keep that.

Anyway…just thought I’d share…

Nah thanks for sharing.

U ever try Stripbus or Satson? Literally a FRACTION of the cost too.

I gotta check out more of Slate’s stuff…like the new TM. FG-X is highly touted too

Well, disagree about mixing into them. And yes, VCC.

The plain fact is sometimes they sound worse on a given track. It’s a little silly to put a plug in on a track that makes it sound worse because Steve told you to…and then use EQ and what not to “fix” the issues it causes…

No, I’ve not seen Stripbus. However, I did activate the NLS demo today. It’s different. Less nuanced than Slate…which isn’t necessarily a bad thing–but it’s three very distinct console colors, where Slates’ 5 are much more like variations on a theme–the three in NlS sound completely different from each other. They did a nicer job on the SSL, for sure, even though I still never prefer it. Their Neve is less caricature–Slate’s unwieldy bottom–but, also not modeled after the same board. NLS is also “neat” in that they have 24 or so channels of each board, which ARE variations on a theme, so ch2 might have a midrange bark that ch1 doesn’t. That might have a cumulatively cool effect–sticking with one console, but choosing the channel model that best suits the track at hand.

To be honest, this is advanced stuff, IMO-if you don’t already produce good mixes and have good enough monitoring to judge the subtle differences…it’s not like it’s something you strap on and everything sounds better.

…now the virtual tape machine may be different. If you gain stage that like you actually did tape, I’ve yet to have anything sound worse. That may be a better buy for those “unhappy” with their mixes. It gives the forgiveness of tape–unlike other emus that most model the wow and distortion of tape–particularly on the G9 modern tape formula, this just sounds “the same but better”.

come on Steinberg update the Cubase “vanilla-flavoured” summing mixer to something more “colorful”. This should be a big Cubase 7 feature, i would buy it for that. why do we have to use a 3rd party company in a roundabout method to make your mixer sound good.

How bout you look at Harrison Mixbuss and update your mixer.

Oh and whilst you are upgrading your mixer how about you make it possible to re-order mixer channels by grabbing and dragging them around. Surely this is a no-brainer…why this isnt possible yet is beyond me.

I disagree. The summing bus of a DAW should be as clean as “vanilla”. Not everyone wants color in their mixes. Sometimes “vanilla” clean is a good thing, you know? :wink:. Plus, there are sooo many options for color out there, including free and/or very cheap alternatives, if that’s what you’re after.

Oh and whilst you are upgrading your mixer how about you make it possible to re-order mixer channels by grabbing and dragging them around. Surely this is a no-brainer…why this isnt possible yet is beyond me.

Hopefully this is something they are working on, yes.

I would leave Cubase 7 for that. If I want colour, I insert it. I don’t want to hear the Cubase mixer.