Layer Controller Map, MIDI monitor, menus

Hi again,

The “Layer Controller Map” has no effect.
On my masterkeyboard I assign a controller slider e.g. to Controller #71. I can see correct MIDI data in the “MIDI monitor”, so this setting is checked.

In the Layer Controller map of a layer I assign

  • "Controller " CC7 Main volume
  • "Mapped To “CC71 Harmonic”
  • “Blocked” Off
  • “Send” Off
    I now would expect that the slider would change the volume.
    It does not, there is no effekt.

The MIDI Monitor should show the incoming channel of a MIDI event, but does not.
This is confusing if you get signals from e.g. two manuals/keyboards/split zones on the same input port.

Working with two monitors (wich would be pretty heplful!) ist not possible, cause pop up menus clicked on the second screen appear on the first/main screen.

Thanks for information

Edit : If you switch “Controller” and “Mapped To” it works as excpected.
So don’t follow the manual (there “Click in the “Mapped To” column of the incoming MIDI controller you wish to remap.” was leading me to misunderstandment.