Layer Controller map not working correctly


when i select more then 2 controllers blocked i will not save this setting

Cannot reproduce:

  • New project
  • Layer/Layer Controller Map/set 2, 4, and 6 to “ON”
  • save
  • load
  • 2,4, and 6 are “ON”
    Make sure to use latest version 1.0.41 as of this writing.

i did tried the steps you suggested.
This is what happens.
If you keep vst live running, the controller map is keeping the settings even when i’m loading another project.
If you close vst live and startup again and load the project all the settings are lost.
Greetings, Albert
PS : I’m using the latest update.

That can’t be, or your map is reset already which makes it appear to not have changed? I start to think that we are talking about different issues, or that you misunderstand the workings of Layer controller maps.
Each Layer has its own controller map (menu Layer/Layer Controller Map), are you aware of this? So if you change something in the controller map in Song 1 Part 1 Layer 1 it is not changed anywhere else but in this very Layer.
When you load a VST Live project, all Layers and thus, all Layer Controller Maps are deletetd (reset), so that makes me think that you ar talking about something else?
If you still think that it is wrong you may send a VST Live project (just the .vlprj file) which has changed controller maps and does not load for you so we can examine it.

Hello, i tested it again and it’s still is the same as i told before.
I started a new project and added 3 layers
When i make a change in the control layer and switch to the different layers they control maps are all the same, when i ad or remove a blocked controller this happens in all 3 layers.
I will make a video to show you what is happening.
The strange thing is when i’m opening a new project the control maps stay the same as in the previous song :shushing_face:
If i restart all settings are gone.

Me again,
i did a fresh install on another laptop, exactly the same problem
Greetings, Albert

pls send a project