Layer functionality of VST Live in Cubase/Nuendo?

I just wanted to ask, if we can expect the LAYERS of VST Live in Cubase/Nuendo…?

For those unfamiliar with VST Live, LAYERS allow to combine instrument plugins and sampler tracks to be combined in one object, on ONE TRACK, also with key and velocity ranges.. While in VST Live this allows to play sounds from several plugins/sampler tracks simultaneously with only one MIDI controller, but in Cubase/Nuendo it would really help to create sounds layered with multiple plugins. (Layering is one of the most used techniques of sound design.)

Yes, I am aware, that up to four sounds can be layered using MIDI sends (which by the way are not available on Instrument tracks…), but I would still have to load and route 4 plugins and load their respective presets too (and configure, how to mix them as intended etc.), so having that in one object/preset would be really helpful.

Additionally, I would be able to save these LAYERS and find them in the Mediabay too.
Is it possible or in the works?
Thanks a lot.



Add the feature-request tag, please.

How do I add the feature-request tag?

Thanks in advance.

You should be able to do so, using the pencil on the right of your thread title : in the dropdown panel, there is a Tag area and you can choose the feature-request one, in it.

Eventually, check @steve forum guide

EDIT - Additionaly, check the multi-track VST presets : not exactly what you are requesting, but they can be useful, if you want to combine several tracks of the same type (i.e. instrument tracks) :