Layer select or Sample select??

Hi, I’ve been working on a synth based on some Pro One samples.
Thanks to posts on this page I’ve made some great progress but I’ve come to a dead end and and need a bit of help please.
I have a problem with samples being reset every time a preset is reloaded.

I’ve used the Layer Select that was posted on this page to allow me to change Waveform samples
Pro One Waves.jpg
it works great- i can scroll through my range of Pro One samples and choose the mix of waves i want… It’s all starting to sound great…

The problem: I’ve created and saved a number of presets but when i reload them All the waveforms have reset to Sine waves ( which is the first one on the list) see attached
It’s possible to go back and select the correct waveforms again so the preset sounds right but it appears that this information is not being saved in the presets.
What am I missing out/ doing wrong? would using Sample select work?
Any help or guidance would be appreciated.
Paddy C
Layer Select.jpg

If your scripting is done on the UI side, or you use UI variables, these get initialised whenever a new preset is loaded.

You might have to do some scripting in a script module where parameter values are saved with the presets.
The UI does not save parameters, it retrieves it from the script module or engine parameters.

Hi, Thanks for your reply.
I have Very limited experience of scripting, can you point me in the right direction?

Hi Paddy C,

Could you point me in right direction for layer selector? I got a Nord drum 3p that I wanna sample to halion.