"Layer Track" Combo of Folder, VCA & Group (ex snare layer)

Hey, would be great to have this.

A ‘Layer Track’ would be a combination of a Folder and Group, where for example, you could have 10 audio tracks of different snare sounds that sum to a single track which can be folded/unfolded.

Some features I’d like to see in this.

-Auto Waveform Drawing: Everytime you press playback, the waveform of the ‘Layer Sum’ would be redrawn to show you what it looks like.
-the ability to freeze the entire Layer Track Folder
-The Sum track should be switchblade between mono/stereo
-Organize tracks based on fader level
-Organize tracks by RMS in the regions themselves.
The Layer Sum Track would have dual fader or a fader and a pot (unique to this track) in which the VCA controls all the contained layers, and then ofcoarse the Layer Sum track also has a typical fader for its own level.